Tolleshunt D'Arcy St Nicholas CofE Primary Academy is part of the Canonium Learning Trust, and as such, the Trust Board is responsible for the overall governance of the school.  Canonium Learning Trust has a governance structure that places great importance on local governance arrangements and therefore the Academy also has Local Governing arrangements, known as and referred to as the Local Governing Committee (LGC), which plays a vital role in supporting the Academy's day-to-day operations and educational performance.

The Local Governing Committee comprises individuals from the local community, including parents and members of staff.  They are responsible for providing oversight of the Academy's educational performance, ensuring that its policies and procedures are appropriate, and promoting the welfare of its students. The LGC works in partnership with the Trust Board to ensure that the Academy operates in line with the Trust's values and objectives.

While the Canonium Trust Board has ultimate responsibility for the governance of the Academy, the Teaching & Learning Committee has a more direct and local focus. The Teaching & Learning Committee is responsible for providing a link between the Academy and the local community, ensuring that the Academy is responsive to the needs of its pupils, parents, and staff.  They play an important role in providing feedback to the Trust Board on local issues, which can help inform the Trust's strategic direction.

In addition to the monitoring of educational performance, the Teaching & Learning Committee also has specific responsibilities for overseeing areas such as local Health and Safety arrangements, safeguarding and premises. They work closely with the Academy's senior leadership team to ensure that these areas are managed effectively and that resources are used efficiently.  They also provide a channel for parents and staff to voice their concerns or provide feedback, which can help inform decision-making at the Academy.

For more information about the Trust and the board of directors, please visit the Canonium Learning Trust website, here

Local Governing Committee

Hazel Steele (Chair)

Emily Selfe

Jennifer Brown-Lee

Lois Osborne (Ex-offico Headteacher)

Sejal Patel

Steven Brown

Joe Daws

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''Governors and trust leaders know what is going on in the school. They hold leaders to account effectively. Together they ensure staff workload is considered and staff are well looked after. Staff agree that leaders support them to do their job well.'' Ofsted April 24