PE Sports Premium

What is the PE and Sports Premium?

At Tolleshunt D'Arcy Primary Academy, we are dedicated to providing your child with a well-rounded education that nurtures both their academic and physical development. The PE and Sports Premium is a special funding initiative from the UK government that directly benefits your child's physical education and sports experiences.

How Does it Benefit Your Child?

The PE and Sports Premium funding is specifically designed to enhance your child's physical activity opportunities and promote a healthier lifestyle. By utilising this funding, we aim to:

Elevate the Quality of Physical Education:

Our teachers receive professional development and training, enabling them to deliver high-quality physical education lessons that engage and inspire your child.

Expand the Range of Sports and Activities:

We introduce new sports and activities, giving your child the chance to explore a diverse range of physical experiences. These opportunities are offered during curriculum time and through exciting extracurricular clubs.

Boost Participation in Physical Activities: 

Our goal is to encourage every child to participate actively in physical activities throughout the school day. We believe that staying active not only improves fitness but also promotes a positive mindset and well-being.

Foster Teamwork and Sportsmanship: 

Through the PE and Sports Premium, we provide opportunities for your child to take part in competitive sports events and tournaments. These experiences help build teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship skills.

Enhance Facilities and Equipment:

We invest in top-notch sports equipment and facilities, ensuring that your child has the best resources to explore and excel in their physical pursuits.

Transparency and Accountability

We believe in being transparent about how we use the PE and Sports Premium funding. As parents, you have the right to know how this investment benefits your child's physical education and sports experiences. We regularly report on the initiatives, improvements, and outcomes achieved through the funding to ensure its effective and meaningful use.

Please view our PE Sports premium strategy documents in full below:

2023-24 Sports Premium Strategy Statement